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Blogging as Personal Discipline

Why have I started this blog? You may ask. There are blogs out there too numerous to count. What could I possibly add of value to the blogosphere? Good question. Why would I think that my ideas are worth reading and would make a difference among the insane amount of information and reading material we have available to us? As Julie says in Julie and Julia,¬†“I could write a blog. I have thoughts!”

But, no, that is not the reason I chose to start this blog. The reason is simple, whether anyone reads my blog or not: I started this blog to discipline myself as a writer. How’s that working for you? You may ask. Well, since I have posted three times in more than two weeks, I would say I have some growing room – but I will keep at it. And three blogs in two weeks is more than I wrote last month, or the month before that, or the month before that. ¬†Baby steps to writing….

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