About Me

IMG_0437 - Version 2  If you had asked me in my twenties what my passions were, I probably would have shrugged my shoulders, sighed and asked you to hand me that diaper over there….oh, and while you’re at it, please grab that toddler before he falls off the top bunk.

I met my sweetheart at a midwest college, we married young, and had three babies before most people even consider getting married. Eventually a fourth baby came along, so I tucked my English degree away and lived life with young children to the fullest – meaning lots of mess, chaos, cuteness, imagination, training, and LOVE.

Family pics summer 07 113

Time marches on, and children grow. As I raise them and encourage them towards independence and the pursuit of their passions, I find myself with more time to reflect on and cultivate my own.


I am passionate about Jesus. He is my savior, my hope, my peace.

…about my family and raising them to know they are loved and valued.

…about love and showing love to others no matter our differences.

…about music and the way it speaks to the human soul.

…about great literature that molds words and phrases into stories that resonate with the human condition.

…about writing and the craft of wielding words and ideas to connect with others.

…about education and the pursuit of knowledge.

…about movies that make me cry happy tears…and sad tears…maybe even make me ugly cry.

I am passionate about life, love, beauty, art, family, and God.

I also enjoy a little humor thrown in…

Welcome to my page, my life, my writing, my corner of the web.



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