Daylight Saving Time…Is it Evil?

08 Nov

I’m sure most of you have seen this clip by now, but if not, I’ve posted it here for your viewing pleasure.

It baffles me that I can travel to the opposite coast with a three hour time difference and feel adjusted in a few days, but when we fall backward or spring forward I’m messed up for weeks.

Growing up in Indiana, we did not change our clocks, but my grandparents in Gary did. Because Gary was a Chicago suburb they needed to be on Chicago time, therefore that corner of Indiana participated in Daylight Saving Time while the rest of Indiana did not. This meant that half of the year we were on the same time as my grandparents and half the year we were not.

One summer I worked as a camp counselor in Michigan. Michigan participated in Daylight Saving Time. The churches that ran and promoted the camp were located in Elkhart, Indiana. All of our campers came from Indiana, therefore it made perfect sense to somebody that the camp should run on Indiana time. This meant that every time the counselors left camp Redbud we were entering a different timezone…(insert theme from The Twilight Zone here)

Nearly all US States observe DST. Indiana adopted it in 2005. Arizona and Hawaii are the only two hold-outs. At one time much of the world adopted DST. Now it seems to be most prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere.

Lately there has been increasing backlash against the practice that began when we were a much more agrarian society. People question if we still need Daylight Saving Time. But what would happen if we stopped changing our clocks? Does anyone even know? What would happen to our late summer evenings? And our extra hour on Halloween weekend?

I think we need another movie trailer….THE TIME DAYLIGHT SAVING ENDED FOREVER

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