Dear Fellow Drivers,

28 Nov

I am a distracted driver. There, I said it. I know what you think of me. I’ve ridden with my husband enough times to fear that I am the “crazy driver” he is often frustrated with. But before you call me a menace to society or wish me permanently banned from the roads, I think you should know a little something about me.

I have not been in an accident or even had a speeding ticket since 1996. (ok, one photo-enforced speeding ticket, but we all know those are evil and don’t count). 

I have a job, a husband, and four children which means I have a million things on my mind at any given time, and most likely, there are at least 3 different conversations going on in my car that may sound something like this:

Child #1 “Are we stopping at Safeway?”

Child #2 “Can Olivia spend the night tonight and bring her dog for us to keep?”

Me “Yes.” 

Child #2 “Really?!! We get a dog?”

Me “What? No, of course not. I was talking to your sister.”

Child #2 “Moooom! But, you said, YES!”

Child #3 “MOM!! I’ve been telling her to stop touching me for like 20 minutes!”

Child #4 “That’s impossible. We’ve only been in the car for 9 minutes.”

You get the picture. Anyone with more than one child is very familiar with the above scenario. 

So yes, I am a distracted driver. I may cut you off in traffic. I may miss an opportunity to let you merge. I may even inadvertently block the entrance to the apartment building you are trying to turn into because the light changed and the line of traffic didn’t move as far forward as I anticipated. 

I’M SORRY! I really am. I’m not an idiot. I’m not a bad driver. I’m just distracted.

For my part, I will strive to focus on the task at hand and be more aware of being extra courteous to you, my fellow drivers.

For your part, before you mouth horrible things at me to express your rage or even pretend to shoot me with your finger (yes, that really happened) can we just give each other a little grace. Whatever I did to elicit such a response was in no way intentional, and if we’re not exchanging insurance information then no harm was done. So take a moment and think about your response. If your destination is so life altering that arriving two minutes later will wreck everything, than by all means, spew your hatred. Otherwise, just  accept the mouthed apology of a frazzled woman and move on.



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